Custom Scrabble Tiles

Custom Scrabble Game Tiles

We create and manufacture various replacement alderwood Scrabble tiles at our shop, to enhance your current game.
Below are some of the custom Scrabble tiles we produce.
$29.95CDN each  – Quantity discounts available
We can also make a custom set of tiles just for you – email us what you want and leave the rest to us!

Call 250-860-1153 or email your order today, or order your own custom designed set.
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ASL Scrabble tilesASL

Learn or teach Amarican Sign Language with these alderwood tiles

Childrens Scrabble tilesChildrens

These tiles have both upper and lower case letters and a picture representing the first letter. Aa-Apple, etc.

Esperano Scrabble tilesEsperanto

Is the most widely spoken constructed international auxiliary language. Spoken worldwide!

Vulcan tilesVulcan – Star Trek

For all of you that love Spock – a set of Vulcan character tiles to play on your scrabble board.

pIqaD Scrabble tilesKlingon – pIqaD & Arabic

A gift to someone learning to speak the KLI adapted version of pIqaD. This set includeds the Arabic letters and numbers so anyone can play.

PIqaD tilesKlingon – pIqaD only

These tiles are for the real enthusiast. Just the pIqaD characters on them!

Klinzhai Scrabble tilesKlingon – Klinzhai/Mandel

As seen on the hull of the D7 battlecruiser This set includeds the Arabic letters and numbers. Also available without Arabic letters.

Velvet BagVelvet Bag

For only $2 when you order a set of game tiles at the same time. $3.50 when you order separately!