Engraving and Cutting

Custom Laser Engraving & Cutting Service

Take your ideas from concept to completion.

For those of you that are technical minded, we have produced two guides to help you design your items: Basic Laser Engraving & Cutting Guide and Comprehensive Laser & Cutting Guide
or just bring us your concept and we will design and manufacture your project to your specifications.

Dino-model Acrylic-Cover-sm Doughnut
 Laser cut cardboard Laser cut black & clear acrylic  Laser cut alder wood

Materials we regularly cut are: acrylic, plastic, wood, leather, and rubber (for ink stamps).

We engrave/etch just about any material, wood, glass, marble, granite, leather, stainless steel, rubber, plastic and acrylic, are just a few.
If you have a specific material that you would like us to test, feel free to bring it in and we’ll give it a zap!

Granite-tile-Lion-sm Basalt-Paver-BearS AcrylicAlder-S
Laser etched granite tile Laser etched basalt paving stone Laser cut & etched alder wood &
mirror acrylic ornaments

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Check out our Laser Engraving & Cutting videos on YouTube!

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