Custom Laser Services

Laser Engraving / Etching / Cutting

We custom engrave/etch most glass, crystal, tile, marble, granite, leather, plastics, acrylics and wood products

The laser will also permanently mark (black) materials, including; Stainless steel, Galvanised steel, Brass, Copper and Aluminum.  Plated metal like Chrome, Nickel, Gold, Silver, Titanium & Pewter, just to name a few.

CTG You Tube  Check out our Laser Engraving & Cutting videos on YouTube!

Acrylic Emergency Button Cover Acrylic Cutting & Engraving

Surface laser marking leaves a crisp frosted look to acrylic products and precision laser cutting allows shapes to be cut with a polished edge.

Laser Engraved Bamboo PlaqueWood & Leather Engraving

The laser burns Wood & Leather leaving an amazing contrast. We can also laser cut any shape to your exact specs. Endless possibilities!!!


Jade Glass AwardGlass, Mirror, Tile & Marble

Glass, Tile & Marble can easily be etched from the front to produce an amazing effect and with Glass & Mirrors we etch the back so that the engraved image can be seen on the front of the mirror or glass.

Laser EngravingMarking Metals

We can easily mark metals with text, numbers, logos, barcodes, 2D barcodes, just about anything you want!  Ideal for equipment identifiaction plates. Click here for more information.