Whether you want to create a keeper or perpetual plaque we’ve got you covered.
We supply a large range of laminate and solid wood plaques that make an outstanding presentation piece.

Ask about custom artwork for any plaque!

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Laminate PlaquesLaminate Plaques

An economical way to produce a great award. There are many different finishes to choose from, providing you with numerous options.

Solid Wood PlaquesSolid Wood Plaques

Rich Walnut, Oak, Maple, and Alder plaques are stunning when engraved directly into the wood.  A more modern approach to awarding someone with a spectacular presentation piece.


Keeper Plaques“Keeper” Plaques

Small in size but creates a huge impact. These plaques are great for the recipient to hang or display in the office or at home.

Perpetual Plaques“Perpetual” Plaques

Stunning perpetual plaques give you the opportunity to place multiple engravings on one plaque. Whether you’ve got a monthly, quarterly or yearly presentation, these plaques foot the bill.